We offer a variety of garden and yard services to meet the needs of home owners, small businesses, and commercial enterprises.

Lawn Care

Occasional trims or regular maintenance: we offer year-round care for lawns of all sizes.

Tree Care

Trees and shrubs: we offer pruning, branch trimming, and tree-felling services.

Garden Refuse

Property clean up: we can help you clear areas or remove unwanted garden refuse.


Feeding the plants: we can help you feed your lawn, flower beds, and trees.

Fences & Walls

Add a coat of paint: let us help you give your fence or boundary wall a fresh new look.

Garden Planning

Call us if you need help planning a garden maintenance schedule or the landscaping of a new area.

Want to learn more about our services?

We understand that most people don't want "big business" generic services for their outdoor space. We appreciate that you need a service that can customize and adapt to your unique and specific needs.


Gardening in and around East London is a wonderful mix of challenge and reward. Subscribe to our NEWS channel to discover local gardening events and become an active part of East London's garden scene.

ByQGS ADMIN Oct 15, 2017

Annual Gardens of East London Show and SPCA Open Day 2017

The Annual Gardens of East London Show combines with the SPCA Open Day on 11 and 12 November 2017 to bring you a day of non-stop fun. This specia

ByQGS ADMIN Sep 25, 2017

Border Clivia Show 2017

Photo courtesy of Alick & Frances McLeman (Flicker Gallery) The Border Clivia Show for spring 2017 will be hosted by Pioneer Nursery, loca