Quinten Hunt East London Garden Services

Quinten Hunt

Garden Service for the East London –
Buffalo City Municipality Area

Quinten’s Garden Service was founded by Quinten Hunt in 1987, and has been serving the commercial and residential community of East London and the surrounding Buffalo City areas for 30 years. The field teams are still led by owner and manager, Quinten Hunt, who believes in team work and a hands-on approach to leadership. Hunt practices his business philosophy by being on the ground and actively involved with his staff during day to day service delivery.

The business has remained a family-owned and family-managed business for three decades, and maintains a strong emphasis on delivering excellent service no matter how large or small the task. Quinten Hunt always makes an effort to meet all new East London clients, so he can talk to them about their gardening or grounds challenges, and customize the service to meet those needs.

Quinten’s Garden Service has evolved over the years into a small business that caters for a wide range of outdoor needs. Typically, service teams that manage the gardens of town houses and residential homes will be small and detail-oriented, while efficient, large teams focus on extensive commercial grounds and the large gardens of hotels and apartment complexes.

If you want to learn more about our business and what we have to offer, please take a look at OUR SERVICES or give Quinten a call at  071-513-9719.


When you call for a quote, please ask to speak with Quinten Hunt. Your business matters to us and you can expect to receive the attention of the boss. Quinten Hunt makes it a priority to meet new clients and provide customized quotations himself. Delivering quality service in a professional manner is simply assumed. On top of that, you can also expect to deal with people who are friendly, trustworthy, and respectful of you and your property.