Commercial Properties in the East London –
Buffalo City Metro Area

Quinten’s Garden Service has an experienced commercial arm that is focused on delivering excellent grounds maintenance services to businesses in and around East London. While most commercial clients have premises within a 200 km radius of East London, services are at times extended to Eastern Cape businesses that lie beyond this point. Quinten’s Garden Service offers focused attention to all business clients irrespective of the extent of the service need. Small businesses with minor gardening needs and corporate giants with extensive maintenance needs are part of the professional vision of Quinten’s Garden Service to make beautiful outdoor environments accessible to all the local businesses in the Eastern Cape. As a fellow business(wo)man, you know that first impressions are lasting and can make the difference between your business growing or stagnating. Neglect of the small things can make a big difference. Why let a weed-filled flowerbed or an unruly lawn at your business front door scare away new customers?

Commercial references are available upon request.

Certification for Commercial Service Rendering

Safety – High Voltage Regulation Certificate
First Aid Certificate – Level 1
First Aid Certificate – Level 2
First Aid Certificate – Level 3