What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it.
Charles Dudley Warner, “My Summer in a Garden” (1871)

Everyone with a little patch of green outside their door desires a garden they can be proud of, but anyone who has set out to achieve this ideal will understand the words of Charles Dudley Warner. Bringing the best out of your garden requires very hard work. And not only is it guaranteed to put some serious strain on your back, but it will also place substantial demand on our time. Everyone wants a beautiful garden with eye-catching flower beds, or a luxurious, green lawn that you want to walk barefoot over, but few people have the luxury of time needed to keep their outdoor space looking good.

Quinten’s Garden Service serves our valued residential clients by helping them achieve their goals for their outdoor space. For almost thirty years, Quinten and his dedicated garden-care teams have been helping busy people transform their gardens, backyards, braai areas, lawns, and other outdoor spaces into environments they can enjoy on their own or with loved ones.

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